The Gods Rage


(Fighter), (Rogue), (Wizard) and Eldem, lead by (Ranger), headed south-east toward the kobold encampment. Entering a clearing before the wooded encampment, the band of adventurers stopped to decide the best course of action.

(Ranger) decided to disguise himself as the leader from the kobold band that ambushed them as they left Winterhaven, and attempted to stealthily infiltrate the kobold camp. Initially the ruse worked as intended, however (Ranger) made a mistake by getting too close to the kobold leader. The ruse was quickly discovered, and the entire kobold camp was alerted to the adventurers presence.

After a long and bloody battle, during which a kobold escaped and ran behind a waterfall, the previously jubilant adventurers realized that they merely destroyed a forward guard, and that the real kobold lair was probably behind the waterfall.



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