The Gods Rage


The three friends (Fighter), (Wizard) and (Rogue) grew up together. Adopted and mentored by Orin Breakstaff, they were brought up to be good, upstanding members of society. Orin Breakstaff, a wise old wizard, trained (Wizard) to follow in his footsteps, and maybe achieve something more. He had (Fighter) trained as a protector for (Wizard), while the willful (Rogue) learned her skills on the streets of Forsthome.

When the three became of age to discover their own destiny, Orin sent them out with Eldem, an old and trusted friend. Eldem, a cleric of Moradin, had word from his brethren, Rockar. Rockar has been monitoring some activity of a cult, headed west toward the town of Winterhaven over a year ago. Eldem was charged with discovering what came of that cult, and if anything resulted, putting a stop to it.

Eldem set out with (Fighter), (Wizard) and (Rogue) to Winterhaven, expecting to find nothing and to be able to go home in short order.



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