The Gods Rage

The Ambush

The four companions headed west to Winterhaven, in search of cult activity in the area. As they approached Winterhaven, there were ambushed by a band of bold kobolds. Quickly dispatching the kobolds, the four headed to town, where they stayed at an inn for the night. There they discovered that kobold attacks around Winterhaven were not a rare occurrence, and that Winterhaven has a kobold problem on it’s hands.

In the morning, the group set about their task of searching for cult-like activity. After thoroughly investigating, they came to the conclusion there was no such activity, and decided to help Winterhaven with it’s kobold problem.

After visiting with Lord Padraig, custodian of Winterhaven, the adventurers learned of a kobold encampment somewhere south east of Winterhaven from Lord Padraig’s personal hunter, the halfling (Ranger). For a small fee, the adventurers, guided by (Ranger), agreed to go seek out the kobold camp and exterminate them.

As the five adventurers left Winterhaven, they were ambushed again! After the fight, (Ranger) picked up a bone mask to use as a disguise once the camp was in sight.



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